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quick concepts for some ideas of spirits i had. from left to right:

  1. the keeper: guardian of cemeteries - makes sure graves remain clean and never without flowers.
  2. crywolf: once thought to be a trickster spirit that led travelers to their doom, this spirit’s actual intent is to help travelers discover unmarked graves of murder victims.
  3. the cacophony: will appear to some individuals - serves the same purpose as a banshee.
  4. the rat king: a spirit of vengeance, unleashed upon those who hurt others.
  5. the lure: an otherworldly being that feeds on lost souls - will lure them close and devour them whole.
  6. the guardian: a watchful sloth spirit that comforts the spirit of dead children, allowing them to paint his fur.

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flies to 3 different countries in 3 mins

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do not trust people who get excited about halloween they may in fact be skeletons

Literally me

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Something a little different! I’m Currently taking a CGMA course in the Art of Colour and Light and feel like posting the past 3 weeks of assignments! learnt sooo so much in 5 weeks & still have 3 more weeks to go! I recommend this course to the fullest if you’re thinking about it. My instructors are Ryan Lang and Ty Carter.

This was week 3- materials & lighting.


The Elder Scrolls - Created by Vincent Petitot | Facebook

For more of his video game posters, check his Gaming Room series here.


this was the best scene in anything i’ve seen in my entire life

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#can we please discuss the fact that this movie was made by Americans

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